Ban numbers
in Telegram mailings:
for what and why

Бан номера в Телеграм при рассылках за что и почему

Mailing lists are one of the most effective ways to reach the client

The openability of messages in messengers reaches 98%, which is incomparably cheaper and more efficient than E-mail and SMS

How Telegram mailing lists help business

The effectiveness of communication with customers in Telegram is explained by a set of tasks
Increase in sales
In Telegram mailings, you can direct traffic to different resources for the purpose of subsequent monetization
Brand awareness growth
Mailing lists are well suited for interacting with the target audience, because it is more convenient for everyone to communicate in messengers
Mailing lists will promptly inform you about the marketing activities of your audience
Collect feedback and suggestions from your customers
Tell us about the latest developments in the company
Training newsletters
Relevant for infobiz and those who launch online courses and master classes

For what you can catch a ban number in Telegram

We did not find in open sources information on the number ban in Telegram mailings, so we conducted our own research
Бан номера в Телеграм при рассылках за что и почему
The tests were carried out under different conditions:
Бан номера в Телеграм при рассылках за что и почему

What happens if I write first from a new number?

We wrote to 20 numbers that were not added to "Contacts" from a new number with which there had been no correspondence before. I.e. we wrote to unfamiliar contacts from an unheated number

Observation: the ban does not depend on which message the chat starts with. It doesn't matter if you send the same or different messages
The number will be banned for 24 hours if:
— Write to 15 contacts with breaks of less than 3 minutes between messages

For example: you have an online course and after the webinar you have collected a database of contacts. To send the entire database a discount on the purchase of the course, you started a mass mailing in Telegram. We sent a message to the first contact, waited less than 3 minutes, and then sent a message to the second contact, etc. 14 contacts received a message with a discount. Everything is cool. However, if you try to write to the 15th contact, you will get banned. It will no longer be possible to write to the 16th contact. If the breaks between messages are less than 3 minutes, it is worth increasing them.
The number will not be banned if:
— Write to different contacts with breaks of more than 3 minutes between messages
— Send different messages to the same contact

For example: you have a beauty salon and you decided to remind your customers about yourself. We wrote a template message and started sending it to Telegram. Sent a message to the first client, waited 3 minutes or more, and then sent a message to the second client, etc. Everything is cool, all customers will receive a message. Also, you can send different messages to the same client without interruptions without the risk of blocking.
Бан номера в Телеграм при рассылках за что и почему
What will happen with a mass mailing from a warmed-up number?
The number will not be banned if you massively send the same messages to 153 contacts from a warmed-up number with which there have already been correspondence.

For example: you have a real estate agency and you decided to make a Telegram newsletter on your database. You once had correspondence with each client. You have sent a message to 153 numbers without interruptions, with one click. You will not be banned, and all 153 contacts will receive a message

What will happen when sending more than 153 contacts has not been tested
Бан номера в Телеграм при рассылках за что и почему
What happens if the chatbot starts responding to incoming requests?
Your number will receive a short-term ban (from 5 to 30 minutes) if there is a lot of activity on the number.

For example: your product was advertised by a blogger and hundreds of viewers ran to your site to leave applications. At the same time, you have a chatbot running in the CRM system, which writes to Telegram to everyone who has submitted a request. So, the chatbot saw a lot of applications (namely, 2 applications per second) and immediately started writing to everyone in Telegram. Due to the fact that the same messages are sent to everyone at once, you will receive a short-term ban.

Why should we use
our Telegram integration with amoCRM

Let's look at the difference between regular sales in the Telegram application and sales in Telegram from the CRM system
Sales in Telegram
from the CRM system:
Telegram sales
without a CRM system:
1 room — 1 manager
Each employee communicates from his personal number, so only one manager can work in the chat
The history of correspondence is only on the phone
The message history is stored in the operator's phone. Upon dismissal, the manager will take away the entire customer base in his phone (correspondence, contacts, etc.)
Unlimited number of managers
Several managers can work in one chat at the same time
You can't leave notes
It is not possible to collect important customer data (full name, order, request, company) in one place and transfer them to other employees
Customer notes in one place
Managers can collect important customer data so that all employees pay attention to it
All correspondence is saved
The history of all messages is stored in the CRM and the manager will know how managers communicate. And managers will know that the manager is in control of everything
You can put the whole routine on autopilot and free up 50% of the time of the sales department. For example: message templates, instant replies, setting tasks, notifications, posting links to payment
There is no automation
The manager spends time on routine tasks that do not bring the company profit
Connect as many numbers as you want and write first from your personal Telegram number directly from CRM
Sell in Telegram
from CRM
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