Sell on WhatsApp from Kommo

Integration will increase conversion to sales, free managers from routine and make it easier for the manager to control
Radist.Online integrations allow the sales department to communicate with customers via Whatsapp directly from Kommo and at the same time use more automation options. As a result, communication with the customer is faster, more leads are turned into customers, and business processes are much easier to control.
The sales process will become more efficient
Managers are less
busy with routine

When you get texted on WhatsApp, Kommo automatically creates a lead with the client. Managers don't have to do it manually, instead they can focus on processing requests and finding new clients.
Increase in conversion from lead
into lead for our customers - 20%
Conversion from enquiry to sale grows

Interested customers don't reach a lead for a variety of reasons: some go to a competitor without an answer, others don't like the fact that they have to communicate with different people. By enabling integration, you can automate communication with the customer and solve these problems.
It's easier for managers to control sales

Managers see customer communications in one place and can monitor the sales team's performance.
What you get
Growth of the company's profit by 20%
Automatic replies to the client at any time, wherever he is
Sales conversion increase up to 60%
Additional features
Salesbot and digital bot will help automate business processes: reminders, notifications, surveys, promotions; changing sales pipeline stages, performers, assigning tasks to responsible employees and much more in Kommo. WhatsApp bot will help to free managers from routine and managers will say "Thank you!"
Send your contacts to customers from Kommo in a convenient format. Customers will be able to add your contact to their phone with one click. This will save time, reduce the likelihood of your WhatsApp number being blocked and allow you to interact with your customer securely
By default, you cannot text the client from Kommo if there has been no dialogue with them. If you have the client's phone number, you can start a dialogue with them on WhatsApp directly from the lead. You can write first from any WhatsApp number connected to Kommo
Add anyone who distracts your sales team to your blacklist. Messages from these numbers will not reach Kommo, but will continue to reach your phone
When you move, your business processes will remain intact and no correspondence will be lost. Robots will continue to work on all lead as before
When a new client texts on WhatsApp, a lead will be created automatically. This is one of those things that saves a manager time
The manager sees how the salespeople are communicating and the salespeople know that everything is under control. Up to 50 numbers can be connected to the integration and write first from any of them
If you are unaware of this, messages may go to waste. With our service you can check the availability of Whatsapp and set actions depending on the result. For example, set up an automatic SMS or task a manager to call a customer
Automate sales through chatbots
Adding contacts
on WhatsApp in one click
WhatsApp first from Kommo
Blacklist for unwanted numbers
Transferring chats from other integration services
Automatic lead creation when contacted
Supervise the entire sales team at once
Find out if the customer has WhatsApp
Choose the most convenient price
Choose the most convenient price

Communication with customers from the lead

Share photos, documents and Emojis

Unlimited number of active dialogs

Multi-account: the ability to connect multiple numbers to specific pipeline
You can initiate dialog from Kommo

Send and receive videos

Integration with Roistat

Notifying external employees who are not in Kommo

Personal Manager
monthly, when paying for 12 months
additional number $24
additional number $25,5
additional number $30
monthly, when paying for 6 months
monthly, when paying for 3 months
additional number $27
Why WhatsApp + Kommo integration is more beneficial than just WhatsApp
WhatsApp sales via Kommo -
all in one place
The customer communicates with the company in one chat room. It is sufficient to keep one number. If an employee quits, the number stays the same.

All correspondence history in one place in your system. The manager sees how managers communicate and they know they are being monitored.

Customer notes in one place. With access to the correspondence in Kommo any manager can supplement or view the information about the client.

Automation. You can put all routine on autopilot and free up at least 1 hour per day for each manager with chatbots that answer the customer 24/7 and other CRM system tools.
Different employees write to the client
from personal numbers. This is inconvenient - you have to keep different numbers and it causes mistrust.

Correspondence with the client is in the manager's phone. When he leaves the company, he may take away the database with all client data.

Customer data in different places. Client's name, purchase history, contacts - all in the manager's phone. Such data is difficult to store and transfer to other employees.

There is no automation. A manager spends a lot of time on routine which is not good for the company. For example, constant copying and pasting of template messages.
WhatsApp sales -
chaos and confusion
CRM для WhatsApp и Telegram
CRM для WhatsApp и Telegram
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