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Integration options
The main WhatsApp integration features are now available on Telegram. You will not lose your customer base and save business processes
Write clients first
Do you have a customer phone number to contact?
Start a conversation directly from Kommo in manual or automatic mode!
Connect multiple numbers
The number of numbers to connect to one Kommo account is not limited. You can assign a separate number to each funnel and increase the conversion due to the relevance of the offer. You can write first and correspond from any connected number.
Use Salesbot and Digital Funnels
Create bots inside Kommo, automate communication with customers and increase sales by 20%
Automatic creation of deals
An incoming message from a client will automatically create a deal and you can communicate directly from Kommo
Chats are saved in Kommo
If the manager quits or goes on vacation, he will not take away clients in his messenger. You will not lose your customer base, because the entire communication history is stored in Kommo
Price for connecting an additional number - 32$/month
Connecting multiple numbers
Unlimited number of active dialogs
Sharing photos, videos, documents, voice messages and emojis
Correspondence with clients directly from the transaction
You can write first in Telegram
Trial 3 days
for 12 month
39 $
Trial 3 days
for 6 month
41 $
Trial 3 days
for 1 month
49 $
Trial 3 days
for 3 month
44 $
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