What to do to WhatsApp was not banned?

In this document, we describe the rules that should be followed when connecting WhatsApp to a CRM system
The most correct answer is to use the official integration with WhatsApp

Recommendations for not falling into the ban

  • Send no more than 5-10 messages per minute, that is, send messages in portions, not all at once;

  • Connect a number registered on WhatsApp for more than 90 days. If you have just registered the number, wait one day before connecting it to the Service and during the day, keep up correspondence by whatsapp;

  • Take into account the user's reaction to the message. Usually, it takes only 3 clicks on the "spam" button by the customer to block the number;

  • The presence of links in messages increases the likelihood of a ban;

  • WhatsApp does not have a physical limit on the number of messages, but there is a recommendation not to exceed 5000 messages per day. If the number is larger, it is better to scatter them into several different accounts. Or, if the number of incoming and outgoing messages is about the same, you can send and send a little more than 5000;

  • Using a device on which there was previously no banov;

  • Receiving incoming messages. The more incoming messages, the better. Incoming messages do not count in the recommendation not to exceed 5000 messages;

  • Don't write the same messages. Use the masks that are in amoCRM and Birix24 to automatically replace the name or data of the fields.

If you connect a WhatsApp number to a CRM or any constructor, be prepared for the fact that your number will be BANNED for violating the license agreement!
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If You are Banned

Write to WhatsApp technical support with the question of why Ban and whether it can be broken. According to our statistics, 50% of the numbers are returned. TP responds quickly, within 2-3 hours.

Attention! Even if the number has been returned, the connection on the previously blocked unit must be made according to the instructions:

  1. Uninstall the blocked WhatsApp App/WhatsApp Business;
  2. Delete your Google account (turn off syncing with your current Google account);
  3. Disconnect from wi-fi;
  4. Turn off the Phone;
  5. Replace the SIM card;
  6. Turn on the Phone;
  7. Create a new Google account and go under it;
  8. Install the WhatsApp app / WhatsApp Business on the mobile web;
  9. Register the WhatsApp number on the mobile web;
  10. Scan the QR code on the mobile web;
  11. Let the integration work on mobile Internet for 2-3 hours;
  12. Connect Wi-Fi.

And, of course, you need to clean up your integration. Make sure UTP has been done. Otherwise, it may be blocked again.


  1. Use WhatsApp Business. It is created specifically for business. Watch the video on the Radist.Online youtube channel on this topic.
  2. Do not send mailings from a number that you are afraid of losing.
  3. Do not use emulators. WhatsApp somehow sees it. Ban without refund!
  4. Don't send the same messages. WhatsApp monitors the same messages and also bans for it. Try to change at least one word in the message. If you work from CRM, take any data from the fields.

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