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time savings

Connect secure messenger integration with Kommo in 10 minutes
Communicate where your customers are comfortable
You - extend the capabilities of WhatsApp and Telegram with Kommo features. The customer - communicates with you in a cosy chat room
Email first on Telegram
and WhatsApp from Kommo
Base mailings
in a few clicks
All correspondence in Kommo,
not in the managers' phones
Managers will stop
waste time on routine work
Customer information
in one place
The customer will receive an answer even after office hours
Start a dialogue with the client where they are used to spending time in. Send documents, photos, videos, voice messages, gifs. When you receive a response, the lead will automatically be generated in Kommo
Send a mailing to your entire client base automatically, without the intervention of a manager. You no longer have to open every dialogue with a customer and send messages manually
All contacts and chats are saved in Kommo. No one will take your customers away in their phone
Use Kommo tools to automate your salespeople's daily tasks, from moving a lead through the sales pipeline to warming up the customer base
Collect all customer information in a single profile. Tag it for quick qualification. Create and edit notes with important details so you don't have to reread a client conversation
If the manager is on lunch or holiday, the robot will instantly answer the customer's questions and qualify the lead - cold or hot. No customer will go unanswered
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There is no good time for a call
A phone call always distracts from something more important. In the messenger, the client will answer at a convenient time for him.
Save on calls and SMS
Communication in messengers is several times cheaper, in most cases — completely free.
of millennials avoid phone calls and prefer to communicate in instant messengers over calls
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Developing integrations from 2018
Radist.Online is an IT company developing solutions for integrating messengers and banks with CRM systems. Our products help businesses get even closer to customers, automate and increase messenger sales.
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