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For only 5€ you can communicate with clients in the popular messenger directly from the CRM system

How does the WhatsApp Business Api help businesses?

Why is the WhatsApp Business Api more profitable than SMS?
There is little competition in messenger marketing, because many companies use the usual Email newsletters and SMS messages.

Introduce WhatsApp into your business and be one step ahead of your competitors by automating business processes.
2 billion
WhatsApp users
in the world
About us
You will not be blocked
We only provide an official connection to WhatsApp with 100% protection of
your number.

You will not be left
We will go through each stage of the connection side by side. And after that, technical support will be around 24/7.
Radist.Online is an international company that develops solutions for integrating messengers and banks with CRM systems.

We help companies improve communication with customers and automate business processes.

Radist.Online is the official partner of the WhatsApp Business API 360Dialog
provider in Russia.

Your profit
will grow
80% of our customers
note the convenience of communication with customers, acceleration of transactions and increased conversion to sale.
Chatbots and automated
mailing lists
We will help you set up and implement a chatbot for interacting with customers via the WhatsApp Business API, so that you can quickly answer popular questions, provide high-quality customer support and reduce the burden on managers.
Messages with buttons
You can send messages with buttons in which you can" sew " a phone number, a link to a website or a text command to navigate through the channel menu. The buttons simplify communication with the company, help customers to move accurately according to the scenario and quickly get the information they are interested in.
Connection process
Fast and easy in 40 minutes
Тест-драйв 3 дня бесплатно
Leave a request
Fill out the
Creating an API-key
Entering the API-key
into our widget
3 months
The price for 1 number per month

32 €

Business Api
6 months
The price for 1 number per month

Available on all tariffs

Buttons in WhatsApp, the ability to write first, support for SalesBot and DP, a guarantee of protection against blocking, an unlimited number of chats, the development and coordination of individual templates
30 €

5 €

Business Api
12 months
The price for 1 number per month

28 €

Business Api
Test Drive 3 days for free
a quick registration
Step-by-step instructions
for connecting
Step 2
Fill out the application form for a WhatsApp Business account. Our managers will send you a questionnaire.
Step 1
Quick registration consists of 3 main stages:

1) Select or create a Facebook and WhatsApp Business account

2) Create your business profile in WhatsApp.

- Select the display name
- Add a business category and description

3) Full registration of the number.

Get a 6-digit code by SMS or voice to check the number.
Step 3
After completing the quick registration, the WhatsApp Business API stack will be deployed, and you will automatically log into the 360 Client Hub, where you can generate your API-KEY.

When the stack is expanded, the number will switch to sandbox mode. In this mode, you will be able to send messages, but restrictions will apply to this number until the verification of the number is completed.
Step 4
After generating the API key, you can install our widget and get started.

You can specify what functionality our widget has by clicking on the button for the desired CRM-system.
5 €

5 €

3 days of the test period
We show and tell
Number verification is paid separately – 59 €
Verification is performed according to the rules
Template messages for Russia – 0.0426
The cost of template messages to other countries
according to the tariff
Technical support
Set up a chatbot and automatically collect feedback and suggestions from your customers
Send payment reminders in automatic mode, warm up the audience with the help of newsletters with useful content
Provide operational support to customers wherever it is convenient for them
Install the WhatsApp online chat on the website and sell directly in the messenger. According to statistics, WhatsApp increases the conversion to sale by 15-20%
Availability of feedback from the client
Free communication
for 24 hours
Respond to customer messages in WhatsApp for free within 24 hours after sending the first message or after the customer wrote to you first
Sell your services or provide operational support and get instant feedback from customers
1 SMS = 70 characters. 1 message in WhatsApp can contain up to 1024 characters, which is much more profitable than SMS mailing
15 times more
characters in 1 message
Our clients
By connecting the WhatsApp Business API via Radist.Online, we have reduced the cost of customer service in the retail segment by 30% and increased the efficiency of operators by 15%.
With the help of Radist.Online, U Mobile technical support is in touch with customers around the clock in WhatsApp. The service synchronizes incoming requests, which simplifies the work of operators.
The bank connected to WhatsApp Business via Radist.Online to open a new communication channel for 2.5 million people. their clients. This improved the quality of service and reduced the load on the support service.
U Mobile
Module Bank
Do you still have any questions?
Write to WhatsApp and we will tell you in detail
about the introduction of WhatsApp into your business