Best WhatsApp integration with amoCRM!
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Best WhatsApp integration with amoCRM!
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Text you clients first
Yes, right on WhatsApp and yes, all will be saved in lead
Share and receive files
  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Voice messages
  • Videos
  • Geotags
  • Contact cards
Get your 3-day free trial right on WhatsApp
Stop wasting your money on expensive and useless constructors. Nothing beats WhatsApp+amoCRM model. Watch the video about it.
Receive information about received calls on WhatsApp
Calls and recording of whatsapp calls in CRM is not possible, because WhatsApp does not provide such a function.
The call alert notification function allows you to respond in time to a client's desire to ask a question. Now you won't miss a single WhatsApp call.
Create a WhatsApp landing that increases conversion by 80%
100% of customers who switched to the bot remain in your database
You get the NAME and PHONE of ALL WHO GOED TO THE LINK from the advertisement! All you have to do is convert them into sales, because if they switched to advertising, then at least they need your product or service.
Digital funnel now through WhatsApp
Sell without sellers. After all, now the autosaler will be able to communicate with customers through WhatsApp.
Send reminders to the Client, change the stages of the funnel, performers, set tasks and much more AUTOMATICALLY!
Use amoCRM functionality 100%!
Customer responses fall into the amoCRM transaction fields
No more manual work needed. Answers fall into the fields, and you can build filters and reports from them.
You can change the chat bot yourself
amoCRM now supports visual editor
So changing the logic of the chat bot is a matter of two minutes! And you don't need to pay money to specialists, you can do everything yourself.
Chat on WhatsApp via the amoCRM mobile app
Watch the video to see how it works
In our modern world all the business tools should be on hand
No computer needed to respond a client immediately
Send videos, files and documents to your clients right on amoCRM
Deal all issues with clients promptly on CRM
Stay connected with a client wherever you are
High availability
A manager is always online for you from anywhere in the world
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Подпишитесь на наши каналы
В каналах мы рассказываем о нюансах работы и выкладываем много полезной информации для предпринимателей
You can host your WhatsApp Business number on our equipment
Message transfer speed depends on many factors, including the phone's performance.
It is necessary to constantly monitor:
  • The phone was charged
  • There was internet access
  • The system did not kill the process with WhatsApp
  • Whatsapp did not freeze
We provide equipment, the work of which will be monitored by dedicated specialists, ensuring 100% availability.
$17/month to the Payment by the month.
Payment by the month is available
One month
  • 3-day trial
  • Basic functionality
Available payment methods
  • Bank card
  • Non-cash payment
Payments and refunds are governed by our Policies & User Agreement. Paying for our services you agree to them.
A small part of our clients
We appreciate each of them and do our best to be there for them
Frequently asked questions
If your question isn't answered here, please contact our tech support
Are there any delays with sending?
1-3 seconds
Are there message statuses?
No, amoCRM doesn't allow to set up this feature.
Can I connect a few numbers to one account of amo?
Not yet. But it is expected in the future.
Can I send mass messages?
No, WhatsApp will block your number. It is only possible to send to a limited amount of numbers per day manually. Soon we'll make a "smart mailing" so that you can do it automatically.
Can I write a client first?
Yes, you can.
Is WhatsApp Business supported?
Yes, it is.
What happens with WhatsApp on my mobile after I join?
WhatsApp works on a mobile. But it's better not to open it or a chat won't be saved on amo. You should always keep your mobile switched on, with an Internet access.
Is there a trial period?
Yes, sure! Try 3 days for free. It is enough to make sure the service is stable
WhatsApp limitations when connecting to CRM
How to join?
Choose a messenger and follow the instructions
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